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Take your innovation to the next level.


Scene orchestration

Design the flow of the experience with scene orchestration. Either timed or from within an interaction in the object scene, transition smoothly to other scenes.

3D Editor

Create breathtaking immersive and interactive XR scenes with 3D models, interactions, physics, audio and much more.

Spatial audio

Sound becomes three dimensional. Immerse your audience in a revolutionary audio experience with Spatial Audio technology.


Use the intuitive timeline feature to streamline story telling and synchronize events for a dynamics experience.

360 photo and video

Seamless support for 180 and 360 degree photos and videos, mono- and stereoscopic, putting the power of panoramic content creation at your fingertips.

Event & Action system

Enhance your experience with the Event / Action system, simplifying the process of orchestrating interactive elements.

Variables & Logic

Customize and control the immersive environments without the need for code or extensive programming, by harnassing variables and conditional logic.

Anchors & Object snapping

Define the level of freedom of interaction, by strategically placing anchors in scenes, to which objects can be snapped.


Define important places in the scene, to make teleporting to the right locations even easier.


Define interaction zones that are teleportable and can be interacted with.


Expand your environment with immersive video. Scenebrook supports VR180 video and can project videos onto a screen inside object scenes.

3D models

Import glTF, the industry standard for 3D models, into your scenes. Model review using Virtual Reality has never been easier.


Web-Based player

The Scenebrook player is cross platform and uses the Web-Based industry standard WebXR to support Web Inline, VR, AR and MR scenarios.

Realistic graphics

3D models are rendered using the Physically-Based Rendering technique, bringing Real-Time realism to the virtual environments.

Hand tracking

Elevate user interaction to a new level of naturalness with hand tracking, allowing for an intuitive and immersive experience where users can manipulate and engage with virtual environments using their hands, without the need for controllers.


Move around in zones or to waypoints using the controllers in virtual reality.


Bring realism to life in virtual worlds with the editor's physics engine, allowing objects to interact dynamically, creating an authentic and immersive environment.

Object interaction

Enable lifelike experiences with seamless object interaction, providing a dynamic and immersive environment where every object responds intuitively to user actions.

Wide hardware support

By harnassing the industry standard WebXR, Scenebrook supports a wide range of devices, including the Meta Quest 3 for Mixed Reality.



Boost creativity and productivity by inviting members of an organization to work together.

Media manager

Simplify content organization and enhance workflow efficiency with our Media Manager, a powerful tool in our editor that allows you to effortlessly manage and navigate through your multimedia assets for a seamless and organized creative process.

Public profile

Showcase your experiences through a public profile, providing a personalized space for users to highlight their projects, skills, and contributions in the immersive world.

Publish visibility

You are in control of the experience visibility. Publish experiences publicly or privately, or keep them internally within an organization


Extend the reach of experiences effortlessly by utilizing Scenebrook's embedding capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly integrate and share your immersive experiences across various platforms and websites.


Efficiently manage and collaborate on projects, offering a centralized hub for teams to coordinate efforts, share resources, and collectively build virtual experiences.


Sharing an experience with others is as easy as sending a link through E-mail.

Offline synchronization

Ensure uninterrupted access with Scenebrook's local synchronization feature, providing seamless offline access to experiences, so you can continue anywhere without loading times.